Distinctive Guitar


The History of the Shop

Distinctive Guitar started in 2007 and was primarily collecting and selling very rare and hard to find examples from Fender Custom, Gibson Custom, and PRS Private Stock. We started to attract a very high-end clientele due to the pieces were able to find and slowly snowballed into taking on our first authorized dealership in Rocketfire guitars in 2009. We started to get more and more into boutique guitars and slowly added more builders such as Roger Giffin, Gerard Melancon, Suhr Guitars, etc. We finally opened the showroom in 2011 and have been pushing the boutique-focus forward ever since, with many of the most distinctive guitars you can find.


What makes your shop unique?

We are one of the only true boutique destinations that has a brick and mortar location. We are dedicated to the smaller builder and do not carry new examples from Gibson, Fender or PRS. We are completely aligned with our product in every way.

Why Is Fano Important To Your Shop?

Fano is an integral part of our lineup. We want to offer the best of both Modern and Vintage inspired designs. We view Fano as the hallmark brand for our vintage inspired lineup. For people wanting familiar feel, familiar lines and vintage-like tone, there is nothing better than a Fano. Fano is also the only company that perfectly marries both iconic 50’s guitar brands into one cohesive lineup.