Alt de Facto

Alt de Facto is where we started and what’s put us on the map. These are the custom built-to-order guitars you see played by artists worldwide. The Alt de Facto line is inspired by our vision of an alternate reality where the great American luthiers of the past work together as a collective. It’s a world where aged nickel hardware, time-tested woods and classic aesthetics are fused with modern features including compound radius fingerboards, custom hardware, and custom-wound pickups. The result: unsurpassed look, feel, and tone. And with an extraordinary range of tonewood and electronic options, every player can find the Alt de Facto that’s “just right for me.”

Alt de Facto ML6


A road-worthy design that combines elements of a sleek ‘60s double cutaway body with thicker low-end chunkiness. The ML6 is equally at home getting down and dirty or keeping it clean…

Alt de Facto JM6


Light and quick, this curvy beauty is made to respond to the touch. Get as rough or smooth as you like, the contoured Alder body and satin-smooth Maple neck…

Alt de Facto SP6


The Fano SP6 combines the body shape and typical neck profile of the 50’s “Junior” with the electronics, bolt-on neck and layout of a string-through solid body classic to create a guitar that covers both familiar territories…

Alt de Facto TC6


Fano produces the TC6 as a callback to a popular solid body style guitar. It features a familiar single cut style body, but instead of traditional single coil pickups, this guitar is outfitted with a pair of hot TV Jones, P-90, or humbucking pickups…

Alt de Facto RB6


The Alt de Facto RB6 is part “British Invasion” and part “Junior”, but that still probably doesn’t quite describe it. There are a variety of option available in terms of body and neck woods…

Alt de Facto RB6 Thinline


The Alt de Facto RB6 Thinline is at once familiar and totally new. Like a greatest hits compilation of guitar shapes, you may spot a bit of “British Invasion”, “string-through” solid body, and even 50’s “Junior” in it’s DNA. This center block, semi-hollow guitar sings with sustain with a woody tone…yeah, yeah, yeah!

Alt de Facto PX6


Grab onto something solid, like this Alt de Facto PX6. Inspired by the classic “Non-Reverse” look, this guitar also carries its own unique, distinctive touches…

Alt de Facto PX4


For bass players that don’t mind a little attention, the PX4 is made to stand out, both visually and sonically. The vintage body style echoes the classic late ‘60s “Non-Reverse” with a 32″ scale length for fast pace playing…

Alt de Facto GF6


The GF6 is an off-set, center-block, “F”-hole style guitar with tons of tone and beauty for the player what wants to make a visual and audible statement…