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The ultimate custom guitar, focusing on high quality, hand-built craftsmanship and the best components in the business. Made to your own specs and built just for you…


Our builder’s top picks, these guitars combine the highest quality with maximum playability. Vintage and versatile, these guitars are for every style and every player.


Our range of bass guitars are focused on delivering the best components for those focussed on the bottom end. Built to your requirements by our team of builders.

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Fano Guitars can be found worldwide, we have a global network of dealers so you can get to know our guitars in person.  Our dealers both stock our products and are there to help you build your dream guitar, ensuring you pick out the right specs to meet your needs. This might not be quite the same as walking away with a new guitar that day, but the results of working with us and our dealers to create your perfect guitar means it is truly tailored to you, your sound and style. Find an Authorised Fano Dealer near you…

About Us

Every Fano Guitar is hand-built from start to finish, with meticulous attention paid to the finer details of the fretwork, setup, and playability as a tribute to our founder, world renowned guitar maker Dennis Fano. We continue the tradition of building these hand-made, high quality boutique guitars.  Find out more about what we do and what makes owning a Fano so special.

Fano JM6 in process


Artists worldwide are playing Fano Guitars on stage every single day. Take a look at some of the artists who have chosen Fano as part of their sound…


Here at Fano we pride ourselves in building some of the best handmade guitars in the world. We’ll soon be making some of the best merchandise in the world too, so stay tuned…


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Builders Choice Guitars

Our main aim is to have dealers across the world making access to your next Fano easier than ever.

However, we know that some players just don’t have that luxury. So we’ll soon be offering guitars direct to players as part of our ‘Builders Choice’ programme. These guitars are built to our usual high standards by our team here at Fano and delivered straight to you. And best of all, finance options will also be available.

…simply because we have a passion for building great guitars!

Stay tuned for our first batch of builds very soon!


Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked Q’s. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, feel free to hit us up via email.

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Andy Partridge of XTC's custom built Fano guitar

Let us tell you a little story about Fano, the brand, how we came to be and where we are now.


Check out our builders gallery, highlighting some of the best builds to help inspire and help you work out what your perfect guitar would be.