Who are we?

At Fano Guitars, you’ll find a small team of musicians building instruments for discerning players who know what they want…Quality, reliability, style and performance. Each of our guitars is hand-built in Phoenix, Arizona where our team create one of a kind guitars which incorporates our collective decades worth of experience in luthiery.

We approach every instrument in a manner reminiscent of the age of wood-workers and craftsmen of years gone by, while implementing the modern day methodologies and techniques necessary to ensure we deliver a product that exceeds the expectations of today’s guitar player.

What makes a Fano Guitar different is that every instrument we make is hand-built by one builder from start to finish.  We’re not a factory or an assembly line. It’s all about attention to the finer details of the wood, paint, fretwork, set-up, playability, so when you pick up a guitar for the first time, it feels natural, like you’ve been playing it for years.

Inspired by the finest elements of timeless classics, Fano Guitars combines vintage style and performance with modern playability and consistency to make truly unique and inspiring instruments.

Fano Builders Workshop
Fano in Copper with medium distress
Five Fano GF6's