Color Matters

Fano Guitars is all about hand built customisation, and you can choose absolutely any color you can dream up! This page is designed to highlight some of our choices that we know look awesome on a Fano.

Please Note: Images shown for illustrative purpose only and are representative of color. Finished results may look different due to choices such as woods, manufacturing, lighting or environment.

Full Customisation

The whole point of deciding to build your own boutique guitar is that it is your creation. Our responsibility is to bring that dream to life. We all have a color that represents ‘us’ so if you are looking for your ultimate guitar in your color, then talk to one of our dealers today who can help with the creation of your own Alt De Facto Guitar.


Fano Natural Guitar Finish

3 Tone Sunburst

2 Tone Sunburst

Fano 2 Tone Sunburst

Amber Burst

Fano Amber Burst

Antigua Burst

Antiqua Burst Bass Fano


Fano Blonde

Blue Boy

Fano Blue Boy

Bull Black

Burgundy Mist

Burgundy Mist Fano

Butterscotch Blonde

Fano Butterscotch Blonde

Cadillac Green

Fano Cadillac Green

Candy Apple Orange

Fano Candy Apple Orange

Candy Apple Red

Fano Candy Apple Red

Charcoal Frost

Fano Charcoal

Cherry Burst

Cherry Burst Fano


Dakota Red

Fano Dakota Red

Desert Sand

Fano Dessert Sand


Fano Driftwood Guitar

Faded Cherry

Fano Faded Cherry

Faded Tea Burst

Cherry Burst Fano

Fiesta Red

Fire Glow

Fire Glow JM6 Fano

Firemist Gold

Fano Firemist Gold

Gold Top

Fano Gold Top Carved

Honey Blonde

Fano Honey Blonde

Ice Blue Metallic

Fano Ice Blue Metallic

Inca Silver

Fano Inca Silver Guitar

Lake Placid Blue

Light Tobacco Burst

Light Tobacco Burst Fano

Mary Kaye

Fano Mary Kaye

Ocean Turquoise

Olympic White

Pelham Blue

Pelham Blue Fano Bass Guitar

Pink Mary

Fano Pink Mary

Red Burst

Roundup Orange

Fano Roundup Orange

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Mary

Shell Pink

Sherwood Green

Fano Sherwood Green

Shoreline Gold

Sonic Blue

Sonic Mary

Fano Sonic Mary

Tobacco Burst

Fano Tabacco Burst

TV Blue

Fano TV Blue

TV Burst

TV White

TV White Fano Guitar

TV Yellow

Vintage White

Fano Vintage White

Vintage Amber

Fano Vintage Amber

Vintage Cream

Vintage Cream Fano PX6

Black over…

For those who want something extra special, our Black over colour options give that special stage presence whilst losing nothing in the quality of the build.

Competition Stripes

Competition Stripes have been on racing cars since the 1950’s. We honor those brave men and their speed machines in our own way. By bringing the stripe to life on your guitar. Ask your dealer about stripe options today!

Fano painted Stripes