Frequently Asked Questions

Can we advise on Guitar histories?

We are delighted that the second hand market for Fano Guitars is as strong as ever. We often get emails with new owners of old guitars and models asking for some information on the history of a particular guitar. There have been a number of generations of serial numbers on these guitars.

When we took the business over from the Premier Builders Guild in 2017, there was no historical information relating to previous serial numbers supplier, so we are sorry to say that we have no or little information on any builds from the Arroyo Grande period and before.

Can I purchase different pick guards and other spares?

If you are looking for parts for your Fano, our first advice is to contact us at and include all of the information needed;

For pick guards we suggest supplying us with the guitar model, shape, material, and information on the pickups and bridge on the guitar that it needs to be cut for. Sometimes a picture will help us. Most of our pick guards are easy to manufacture for you, such as Black, White or Cream which are currently $50.00 plus shipping. We can supply other materials for you, but due to price fluctuations in the market place we can only price on request and timing will depend on material availability.

For other parts, just email us, we’ll always do our best to help you look after your Fano.

Do we repair guitars?

Fano does not perform any repair or restoration work at the factory. We always suggest speaking to your local guitar shop who will assist in guiding you to the best local repairer.

I had an issue with a dealer…

We work with dealers whom we respect for what they are trying to do for their customers. If there is an issue, we’d always advise speaking to your dealer first and are perfectly placed and supported to look after you. But like everything, once and a while there may be something that has happened that means you want to talk direct to us as a manufacturer.

Although a small team, we’ll always try to respond to any issues you have at but again, we are very confident our dealers will do their best to look after you.

I want a Fano but…

…you don’t show the color or other pickup option I want.

Don’t worry, just talk to a dealer and they can contact us to discuss the opportunity of a custom build. We’ve done many guitars this way and always love working to create something unique to you. So just ask.

I have no Warranty card

Fano Guitars warranties apply to the original purchaser (who have registered the instrument online) only.

If you are a second hand purchaser, although there is no warranty from the manufacturer, we still may be able to assist you or advise you on looking for support. Just register your ownership of the guitar via our product registration page.

For repairs, we always suggest a good local guitar shop is the place to start.

Damage to any instrument due to shipping and/or incorrect storage are not covered under the Fano warranty.

Artist/Band Endorsements

We currently do not offer a traditional artist endorsement deal, but do offer artist pricing.

Should you be interested in benefitting from our artist pricing, in the first instance request a formal introduction via email with the subject: Artist Pricing to

This should include links to music, video, social accounts and a biography with contact information. We do not guarantee a response but we’ll always consider an opportunity when we can.

Please note that we will only deal direct with the artist or management.

Do you have any future plans for new models?

Our primary aims are to focus on hand built guitars as originally designed by our founder, Dennis Fano. However, yes we do plan on offering new models in the coming years.

If you want to keep up to date with everything going on at Fano then please do join our mailing list.

Dealing Direct with consumers

We firmly believe the guitar shop experience is fundamental in making decisions about which guitar is best for you. Which is why we still choose to work through dealers rather than direct. The relationship with a good dealer can last a lifetime. So we always advise discussing your build with your dealer.

We will work direct with you on parts which can be ordered via

ML6 Models

In December 2022, we decided to stop building the ML6 model due to a streamlining of the models offered. However, the guitar is still a Fano model, and may be possible to acquire as part of our upcoming ‘Builders Choice’ series in very limited quantities. Follow us on instagram today to see if our builders bring one to life in the near future.

Are you still making the OMNIS range?

No, since 2022 we have focused our efforts to being a high quality hand made American product with two distinct model lines. The Alt De Facto and the Oltre.

There isn’t a dealer near me

Don’t worry, just contact one that is nearest or one you want to purchase through. Most of our dealers are experts at shipping worldwide and are really lovely people who want to help. So check out our Dealers page now.

Do you offer factory tours?

Sadly not, our facilities do not offer in-person tours at present.