Fano only works with great guitar shops

We firmly believe the role of the shop is fundamental in making decisions about which guitar is best for you. Which is why we still choose to work through dealers rather than direct. The relationship with a good dealer can last a lifetime, so please support dealers and they’ll look after you too.

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Fano only works with great guitar shops who are passionate about offering the best for their customers.  If you’d like to be part of the Fano story, then please contact us below.






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Many of our dealers are capable of shipping worldwide. So why not check out what is available right now!

Why we work with dealers in a ‘direct’ world

One of the biggest questions we get asked is why we don’t sell direct in this modern digital age.

The reason we still believe dealers matter is that we think it’s important to get the right support when buying a guitar. A great guitar is an investment that can last a lifetime, so it’s worth discussing with people who care about your ultimate decision. Fano only works with great guitar shops, which means we know the advice the dealer will give you is right for you, especially in a world where the options for your Fano Guitar are so varied. The expert advice you get will ensure you end up with the right guitar for you.

After sales is just as important, guitar playing is a long journey, and to have a dealer alongside you for that journey is crucial to the experience. From servicing, setting up or fixing through to advice on amps, pedals and more. The dealer is there to ensure your guitar playing journey isn’t a lonely one.

And finally, guitar shops are a community, they are excellent places to get to know likeminded individuals who love to engage in their passion. So get to know your local dealer today, or email one of our dealerships and start your Fano journey…